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Global Round Table Leadership

  • On-site LEAN audits
  • Vision, Mission, Strategy development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • SMART objectives, Metrics development
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • LEAN Methodology Training

michelle Gibson: ceo coast2coast consulting...

With Ms. Gibson's guidance in the areas of strategy development and High Performance Team development, our team has broken through some key issues that will enable us to better manage the company growth we are experiencing. I've been so impressed with how you've helped us to quickly and effectively identify key areas for improvement and were able to prescribe reasonable and achievable paths forward to success.

Coast2Coast Consulting uses KPI analysis, interviews, SWOT analysis and LEAN value stream observations to conduct a current state analysis.



Mrs. Gibson was raised in Brooklyn, NY and has lived all over North America and also spent significant time in Asia and Europe. She received her B.S. Of Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute, M.S. of Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and an M.B.A. in International Business from the University Of Miami. Michelle has managed a successful 25 year career with best-in class companies such as Bell Laboratories, Motorola, Dell, IceStone and Mars, while raising her two sons, with the support of her husband. Her natural leadership abilities, operational process improvement methodologies, high performance team development, and expertise in business growth and turnarounds have served her former employers well. Mrs. Gibson's cadre of global experience, Six Sigma and Lean certifications, combined with her passion to " serve" the "underserved" led her to start Coast2Coast Consulting in 2012, with the goal of helping mission based businesses achieve their objectives. The company's overall mission is to help businesses achieve profitability and growth, maintain environmental responsibility to preserve the Planet for future generations, and become socially responsible to their stakeholders, communities, and employees.  Michelle leverages her extensive network of seasoned professionals in an effective structure, which allows them to serve start-ups to larger, mature companies. Mrs. Gibson has always been active in her community: mentoring disadvantaged youth through the Big Brother, Big Sister program, Serving on various boards,  and partnering with public schools to educate  students on "Triple bottom-line " principles, green career alternatives, and leadership development.  

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Coast2Coast Consulting monitors Key Performance Indicators on a monthly basis and will work with the Management team to identify gaps and adjust strategies as needed.

Michelle Gibson, founder of Coast2Coast is successfully delivering an essential need for small and medium size businesses. She offers stellar skills, clear guidance and effective structures for growth strategy development, team development and execution. She has been so helpful in raising the bar of my business to greater health and effectiveness. And a priceless bonus – she is generous, kind and a delight to work with.


We complete a holistic review of business metrics and performance. A future state is agreed upon with leadership: vision, mission, objectives, strategies, measures. Culminating in detailed short and long term actions plans to achieve the future state. 



Business Consulting


Once we have executive buy-in, we engage the management team to help with the implementation process from start to finish.